We live in a place where instead of having names we have categories, instead of given a chance we are judge, and instead of befriending who we wish to befriend, we have our friends handed to us from a list. I firmly believe that at the beginning of time, the world was not as biased as it has come to be today, but rather more accepting of the individual characteristics that were present, the same characteristics that we lack here in the 21st century. All across the world, we grow up in different environments, in different belief systems, and with different strengths and weaknesses, but one thing remains, we grow up enclosed by stereotypes.
David Hume once said, “Character is the result of a system of stereotyped principles”.   A person’s character starts from infancy and continues on past their death. Society today revolves around judgment, opinions, backgrounds, and stereotypes. Composed of more than 7 billion people in the world, it’s a struggle for anyone to establish their own individual characteristics because of the mentality that we have been surrounded with while growing up. Stepping out into the world, you are walking into the wonderful world of stereotypes. Across Earth, the stereotypes that are active today are to many than few.
Your environment is your dependent factor on how you live and operate day in and day out. Various environments exist all across the world and because each environment is different physically, economically, and socially, it then becomes classified, another word for stereotyped. When talking about your environment being stereotyped, I’m not talking about the third world countries, wealthy countries, class status or anything of that nature.
A common environment that has been stereotyped, even since the 1800s, is “people that live in the south must be farmers”, more commonly said in todays terms “if you live in the south you must be a redneck”. Ironically those stereotypes are not necessarily true, just because you live in the...