Enc 101

Assignment 3
“Writing Description” (Lesson 5)
A colleague or classmate is planning to spend a few days of vacation in your hometown. Compose an essay of about 300 words describing the places of interest your friend might visit. Some of these sites may not be listed in any guidebook, but because of your intimate knowledge of the area, you can direct a visitor to those sites. This assignment requires “knowledge (both) by participation and observation,” but a bibliography is not required.

If you’re looking for a great vacation spot to relax and unwind then you may want to pack your bags and take a trip to my hometown of Logan, West Virginia. Located in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains in southern West Virginia, Logan is a great vacation spot for those that enjoy adventure, historical parks, and great food.
Outdoor adventure is the reason that most tourists visit Logan. Logan offers access to the famous Hatfield – McCoy trail. The ATV Bearwallow Trail system, approximately 67 miles of trail, has direct access from Logan. The Bearwallow Trail system offers easy riding trails for the beginner and extreme trails for the experienced. One visit to the Hatfield – McCoy trail will guarantee a return trip for all outdoor enthusiasts.
Chief Logan state Park, named after Chief Logan, an Iroquois Native American, is located in Logan, West Virginia. The park offers a museum featuring art and history exhibits. Throughout the summer, the historical park offers an Amphitheater for plays and musicals, an outdoor swimming pool, camping sites, and 18 miles of hiking trails. If you can’t make it Chief Logan State park during the summer, then you might want to visit during the holidays. Between the months of November and December the park is lit up with an array of Christmas lights stretching approximately 2 miles long. If history is your forte’, then visiting Chief Logan State Park is a must when visiting Logan, West Virginia.
If great food is what you like then you’ve...