Subject Emren Strategic Analysis of alternatives
To Board Members
From Ethan Vu
Date july 8 , 2014

Executive summary
Emren is a publicshing firm that publishes magazines for subscribers and readers.   There is a decline in net income.   Emren wants to increase revenue while decreasing costs and keeping costs low.   Emren needs to meet a pre tax profit margin of 10% by 2015 with the recommended alternatives
- Purchase ldmedia a digital company that will make emren able to provide all digital and online versions of their magazines for readers and subsribers
- Producing magazines and printing them in house, giving emren total control over the quality and labour costs of the prints
- And a contract with Dier trail that will make Emren print out new business magazine for a new set of high end readers.
It is recommended emren purchase Ldmedia and pursue dier trail since those will help emren meet the targets and expand emren as a unique company by diversifying its revenue stream while reinforcing its mission and foloowings its goals.
In order to implement ldmedia and dier trails, Emren must overcome and mitigate the con of each recommended alternative.

Emren Publishing Incroproated (emren) is a magazine publishing company located inToronto, Ontario.   Recently Emren in the past few years has had a decreasing net income because of decreasing revenues and increasing costs.   The purpose of this report is to try and decrease costs and increase revenues by analyzing different strategic alternatives that are best suited for emren’s situational analysis.   This report will include a situational analysis, multiple strategic alternatives, an analysis of the alternatives, a recommendation to solve the issues of emren and and implementation plan.
Situational analysis
Our vision is to create a unique brand of magazines for our canadian readers
At emren our...