Employment Strategies

Employment Strategies
Successful employment strategies focus on both the prospective employer and employee. The ultimate goal for both parties is to match the right person with the right job—a win-win situation for both the company and the new employee. To design and format documents that can be used to conduct a successful job search, you must first understand what the organization expects the new employee to do, the skills and personal attributes required for the job, how it recruits potential applicants, and how it determines who among many job applicants is the most likely to be successful doing that job. This section focuses on the employment process from the organization’s perspective.
Organization Strategies
Businesses hire new employees for many reasons:
  * To replace employees who have left specific positions, such as an executive assistant position.
  * To add additional employees to do the same job other people in the company do, such as adding three new customer service representatives to the current team of customer service representatives because business is increasing.
  * To create a totally new job, such as a graphics designer. Previously, this job did not exist in the company.
Creating or Updating a Job Description
In the first two examples above, the company likely already has a job description that is based on a detailed examination of what current employees in that position do, the conditions under which they work, and what skills, knowledge, and personal attributes are required of the employees to do the job effectively. However, many job descriptions are outdated; therefore, the company should review the description carefully so that it accurately represents what employees currently do.
In the last example above, the company has to determine the tasks required for the new position, and the skills, knowledge, and personel attributes the new employee will need to be successful in that job. Specifying exactly what needs to be done...