Employment Laws and Consequenses

Clapton Commercial Construction
Employment Laws and Consequences

Vanessa Bruns

Human Resource Management- 531
January 25, 2014
Pamela Jones
TO: Marylee Luther, Clapton Commercial Construction
FROM:   Vanessa Bruns, HRM/531- UoP: Atwood and Allen Consulting
DATE: January 25, 2014
SUBJECT:   Employment Laws and Consequences of noncompliance
Research shows that new construction in Arizona is on the rise.   Clapton Commercial Constructions interest in expanding its construction business into Arizona could potentially be a very positive and equitable business venture.   In today’s construction market Clapton would benefit due to the increase needs in the construction business.   However the research also shows that there is lack of workers to keep up with the demands of new construction.   This has significantly impacted the rate of new constructions being completed.   Due to this construction worker shortages Clapton will need to develop approaches in hiring, keeping workers safe of injury and retaining workers within the State of Arizona.   Clapton may need to conduct a benefits survey to understand what is being offered now and how Clapton can go one step ahead to offer a more enhanced package than its competitors.   One of the reasons builders are having a hard time finding workers is because the job requires heavy lifting.
Clapton Commercial Construction will need to adopt and comply with many Federal and State of Arizona specific employment laws.   The following is five specific employment law with explanations of consequences of noncompliance.  
  * Arizona’s anti-immigrant law, S.B. 1070
  * Arizona- Wage and Hour Laws
  * Employee Fall Prevention Employers in Hazardous Occupations
  * Arizona Medical Marijuana Act

Arizona’s anti-immigrant law, SB 1070;
In 2010, Arizona endorsed two laws that focused on immigration. These two laws are SB 1070 and HB 2162.   The laws included new state requirements, crimes and...