Employees Roles and Responsibilities

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Learning Outcome / Section 1:   Understand the role of organisations and industries |
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AC 1.1   * Explain the role of their own occupation within an organisation and industry |     * An ‘occupation’ is a term that is generally taken to mean a career, profession, or vocation to which an individual is particularly attracted to.   * Organisations are classified into industry sectors, and examples of industry sectors include engineering and construction, hospitality and leisure, entertainment and media, retail and consumer, etc.     * You are required to explain how your occupation contributes to your organisation and to your industry.   Answer: | |
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AC 1.2   * Describe career pathways within their organisation and industry |     * A career pathway describes how an employee might progress his or her career through, for example, formal education or training, informal learning and developing personal skills and interests.   * You are required to describe the key features of one career pathway within your organisation and one separate and distinct career pathway within your industry.Answer: | |
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AC 1.3   * Identify sources of information and advice on an industry, occupation, training and career pathway |     * Information and advice on an industry, occupation, training and career pathway is readily available from a wide variety of sources, and can, for example, be easily accessed online or by visiting employment agencies.   * You are required to identify two relevant and appropriate sources of information and advice on each of the following:       * an industry       * an occupation       * training       * career pathwaysAnswer: | |
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