Employees Behavior

Influences on Employee Behavior

Summary of the Chapter

Any behavior doesn’t “just” happen. It’s a result of several forces’ combination. To understand why you or employees in your department/company behave in a certain way, it is necessary to analyze the effect of several forces on one’s behavior. These forces are: Company features and employee’s personal features.

The ultimate goal of any company is to make profit. One of the crucial ways it can be done is by improving employee performance. You can improve behavior if you understand it. This is why you need to be able to understand behavior/performance.   Just telling people to work better will not make them work better. Only modifying the factors that affect behavior will change the actual behavior/performance.

How many times you wanted to change something in yourself and couldn’t do it? Why? Because you needed to influence the forces that caused behavior instead of just telling yourself to improve.

What are the forces that influence employee behavior in an organization?


There are two groups of forces: external forces, found in the external environment (outside the organization) and in the work environment (inside the organization). External forces cannot be changed quickly. They are big global forces like economic conditions, national laws, etc. This is why it makes sense to concentrate on the forces, which affect employee behavior inside an organization. These forces are: outcomes, supervision, organizational features and coworkers. Plus, the characteristics of an employee him/herself (motivation, attitudes, knowledge, skills and abilities).

Behavior is jointly determined by the employee and the situation. Company features (outcomes, supervision, organizational features and coworkers) form the situation around the employee.

Let’s talk about each of the forces.



It is necessary to pay attention to both types of outcomes for an organization to...