Employee Rights and Responsibilities

Task 5 - Issues of public concern and how these may influence changes in the sector
• Identify occasions where the public have raised concerns regarding issues within the sector.
Concerns have been raised by the public regarding the abusive utilisation of mobile phones within the sector, where photographs have been taken of male and female residents and used in inappropriate ways.
• Outline different viewpoints around an issue of public concern relevant to the sector.
Some people think that mobile phones should not be used during duty time in work place so things like taking photographs of male and female residents in inappropriate ways cannot happen again, where as other people think that mobile phones should be allowed in case of emergency.
Also some resident's family don’t like men to work in Residential and Nursing Home Dementia Care and wish only female staff to change their mum during toileting time. This can be seen as a discrimination against male workers.
• Describe how issues of public concern have altered public views of the sector.
The public concern regarding the utilisation of mobile phones during duty time in work place has made the public more cautious about the people who are looking after dementia residents and they may feel that stricter guidelines and checks should be put in place to protect dementia residents who are particularly exposed because they are not alert when seeing a mobile phone.
My employer above public concern put in place a mobile phone policy who say you are not allow the use of mobile phone during duty time in work place. Switch off!