Employee Privacy Report

Employee Privacy Report
Jane Doe
University of Phoenix
COMM 285 Business Communications
Ms. Julie Sanborn
May 15, 2010

This report will explain the importance of e-mail use, internet use, and privacy policy in the workplace. The current laws regulating employee e-mail and internet privacy will also be discussed as well as why companies implement these policies. Further, this paper will highlight the assumptions employees might make about their privacy at work and how these polices affect employees privacy at work.
E-mail, Internet use and Privacy Policy at the job
In the military, e-mail and internet usage is very limited and closely monitored. Military personnel use internet and e-mail related to official duties only and not for personal uses. The reason why the military is so strict about internet usage is because government computers contain critical information that when compromised or exposed to malicious viruses or spyware, can cause significant damage to military global security. All military personnel must complete two types of training prior to being granted access to their network. This training is computer based about Information Protection and Assurance. Certain websites have been blocked from government computers for example the only email that is available is an individual’s government account. Personal email accounts such as Yahoo, Hotmail, etc. are not allowed and will be denied access in government computers. Under no circumstances will the military use their internet network to access any pornographic websites or any other prohibited content.   By engaging in such activities can lead to reprimand and further administrative action.      
E-mail transactions should only contain work related material and messages that contain prohibited items should be deleted. Furthermore, any e-mail that discriminates other employees is considered a violation of the harassment policy. To ensure information protection security, military government...