Employee Motion

Employee behavior is described as the reaction which the employee’s to make in the particular situation at workplace. The aim of this report is to analysis the importance of investigate employee behavior and how does employee behavior effect to the company, afterwards it used the Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs models to support the idea which is mentioned. Followed the reasons why choosing the employee behavior to investigate, and at last this report shows the Ishikawa diagram in the last part.

This report is described the influence if employee behavior to the corporations. The corporation put employees on the position which is their most priority, the sticking point to an corporation success is the competitive workforce, so the corporation works hard to make strategy and their target with employee behaviors on the same lane which can make them remain completive (Warech, and Tracey, J.B. 2004).

Corporations rely on employee produce and improve the quality of service and product, but as corporations supporting the diversity differences in behavior is increasing. In this way it may cause conflicts between employees and corporations.

Poor employee behavior can damage the interests to the company, Negative behavior will spread rapidly and spread to other sectors.

According to analysis the employee behavior can make the employers create a more positive environment which is a key internal force that make their employee behavior become more effective than before, and in this situation companies culture which is based on respect, teamwork and support can be built and it helps to retain employees with good behavior.

If employers can realized the importance of employee behavior analysis and ready to use or offset, employee behavior can have a positive impacted a positive impact, it can help the corporations to improve their leadership style; they can motivate their emotions and encourage them to learn more about the collective interest to achieve...