CheckPoint: Emotions
Axia College of University of Phoenix

    Emotion is a strange thing because many of us work to try to hide them from those around us. I can say that I am one of those that choose not to show their emotions very much to other people. Unlike the character Spock on Star Trek, completely hiding one’s emotions is very hard to do.
    In 1990 I was stationed in the country of Panama. As a soldier fresh out Basic training and Advanced Individual Training (AIT), I did not know what to expect. The incident took place about a year after I arrived at my duty station. I was a newlywed and a brand new father. My wife at the time was also in the military, so we took turns taking care of the baby. My company was having a get together on a small island and I had to take my daughter along with me because it was her mother’s weekend to work. This being a gathering of off duty soldiers, there was plenty of drinking being done. While I did not drink as much as the rest, I did drink nonetheless. We were having such a good time, that we all just ignored the time and before we knew it it was dark and time to head home. With the realization of the lateness of the day, we also realized that the boat rental place was now closed. This meant that we would all have to travel back on one boat. We

begin to board the boat and realize that everyone has moved to only the back of the boat and being that it was a small boat, we were scared it would tip over. Someone suggested that some move to the front of the boat. At first no one moved, and then suddenly everyone moved and the boat tipped over. We all landed in the water and it was just as dark in there as it was outside. As I was rising to the surface it hit me that my daughter was also in the boat and that she was not in my arms. I immediately panicked and started diving back underwater in the hopes of finding her. I could feel people pulling on me but my only thought was on retrieving my child and not my own...