Emotional Inteligence

Unit 3 Emotional Intelligence Journal  
Click on “Add New Entry” and address each of the questions posed below:
What have you learned this week from each of the following modes? Employing the reflective approach addressed in the Learning Journal Guideline, how will you use this new or reinforced information in your practice of leadership?
1.           What did you learn from reading the text chapters (please be specific as to text and chapter)?
2.           What did you learn from reading external websites (if assigned)?
3.           Did you pursue any additional knowledge from any non- assigned resources (mentors, additional reading, conferences or seminars, critically evaluating a meeting you attended for its educational value pertaining to leadership)?
4.           What did you learn from the exchanges with your colleagues in the unit discussion?
5.           What did you learn from professor and colleagues in seminar?
6.           Taking all of the above in totality, has your knowledge and understanding of leadership grown this week or not? If it grew, how would you assess the magnitude of growth (e.g., minimal, moderate, significant, immense)? If your knowledge and understanding of leadership has not grown, why did it not? Is that a deficit of learning? If so, what can you do to correct that deficit?
7.           Taking all of the above in totality, how are you different as a leader now than when the academic unit started?
8.           What is it you want to learn more about, given the learning activities this week? How should you go about "learning" more?