Emily Dickinson Poetry

Practise Essay

“An individuals interaction with others and the world around them can enrich of limit   their experience of belonging”

Indeed an individuals interaction with others and the world around can enrich or limit one's experience of belonging. Emily Dickinson is a prime example of this as her interaction with the natural world enriched her sense of connection, her interconnection with others ultimately limited her ability to belong and resultant of this she removes herself from society in striving to attain an alternative sense of belonging in nature. Likewise, Corrine Hoffman in “The White Masai” detaches herself from western civilisation in moving to Africa to be with her husband enabling her to enrich her experience of connectedness. In the film “The Final Days” the protagonist Sophie, through the interaction with the others around her, comes to the awareness that it limits her experience of belonging as she has a greater understanding of her society's observable truths. Overall, these texts exemplify the idea that ones interaction with others and the world around them can simultaneously enrich and or limit their experience of belonging.

Interaction with a society that contradicts ones morals and values can evidently limit one's experience of belonging. Sophie, within “The Final Days” is interpreted as a threat to the Nazi legacy during world war two which places her as an outside within her country amongst her own people. Sophie's, like that of Dickinson's ability to question the observable truth's within her society   places her in direct opposition to her people's government. Sophie’s interaction with her society in expressing her individual idea's about the injustice circulating throughout the country has ironically limited her connection with others around her being found most evident where she is presented with the ultimatum to deny her belief's or die for them. The high angle shot of Sophie situated in the middle of a jail cell for...