Emerging Technologies

Emerging technologies


An emerging technology is the most innovative technology which is at the experimentation level or at the basic implementation level in the current competitive world. The advantage of the emerging technology is that this technology will be able to reduce the flaws or disadvantages of the traditional technologies. The emerging technologies are invented during the experiments and thus focused on the further developments with the introduction of these technologies to the general public. Even though there has been a significant progress in the development of the technologies, it is evident that the development itself is a very costlier process. Thus the wide use of the technologies is not yet initiated due to the lack of financial resources. Some of the important emerging technologies are WiMAX which is used for the network sharing solutions, robotics in critical surgeries and nanotechnology which is used in the manufacturing industry. The technologies which are being discussed in this document are cloud computing and robotics in surgery. Cloud computing will be helpful for the management of the network resources as a single pool and thus sharing the network resources by a group of people in the network. Robotics will be helpful in the surgical field.

1. Introduction

The emerging technologies are the advanced technologies which are developed for the cause of better advantage when compared to that of the existing technologies. These technologies are used for the business as well as the social cause. The main advantages of the emerging technologies are the cost effectiveness in terms of manufacturing as well as marketing, lower resources for the processing of the processes, improving the efficiency of the processes and faster responses than the existing technologies. There has been a wide usage of the technologies in different sectors of manufacturing, aero space, health care services, automobile and electricity and are useful in...