Emerging Opportunities in Cold, Cough and Sore Throat Remedies Market with Current Trends Analysis

Common cold, cough and sore throat are minor disorders of respiratory system, usually arises due to infection in respiratory tract and autoimmune response. The number of patients suffering from cold, cough and sore throat usually increases during monsoon and winter season, owing to fluctuations in the environmental conditions. Children and women under 35 years are more prone to suffer from cold, cough and sore. Underdeveloped immune system increases the risk of exposure to cold related infection viruses in children mostly. It is expected that children are three times more susceptible to cold and cough than an average adult.

Cold, Cough and Sore Throat Remedies Market: Drivers & Restraints
Global Cold, Cough and Sore Throat Remedies market is projected to grow rapidly due to increasing incidences of cold, cough infections, economic price and wide availability of products and demand for rapid and long lasting effective products by the patients. Rising demand for such remedial products is one of the major factor influencing the market growth. Other major drivers includes, and a growing trend to self-diagnose and self-treat minor ailments and growth in the child, senior and female populations. For instance, considering the irritation caused by common cold, Novartis AG launched its formulation ‘Otrivin Nasal Drops’ that act against cold for around 12 hours, followed by a number of similar formulations. Owing to large number of available and upcoming products, the market is expected to grow rapidly. However, number of side effects, threat of resistance and large manufacturing cost and distribution are some of the key restraints that might hamper the growth of the market.

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Cold, Cough and Sore Throat Remedies Market: Segmentation
Global cold, cough and sore throat remedies market is classified on the basis of class of drugs, route of administration and geography.
Based on...