Embraced by a Pilot

Embraced by a Pilot

By Kylin Kharisma


      “Creeek!” the old swing screeched, and lifted me up and down. My awareness fluttered with a gentle breeze that was caressing the wrinkled yellowing hay. I felt empty but could not understand why. My mind searched for a missing piece in my life. All of a sudden, a plane left a chemical trail, which was reminiscent of one of my birthdays spent with my father, a happier time.

      My father was a pilot.   He worked all day and night to support our family which settled in a small town in London. On November 10th, 2001, my ninth birthday, I was waiting for my father who promised to fly back to see my mother and I.   That was the only time he could return during the year. I was waiting for him to pick me up from school. But my happy dream started to fall apart, as the sun fell, and the twilight went off. It became darker and darker outside, and I could not stay any longer. Climbing to the highest floor and looking out, I tried to find any sign of a plane’s chemical trails, which would signal my father’s arrival. But my eyes dared not look down to the ground. The fear of height caused me to faint; I saw the ground and universe twirling. I hated my coward nature, and I hated my father’s broken promise. My visual angle was frozen at the sky where I lost the braveness that should have been given by a father.

    Days after my ninth birthday, dad sent me a letter:” dear Dan, I am sorry I couldn’t come back to see you and mom. Next year, I will bring you a gift to make it up, ok? Dad misses you…” However, a new promise seemed no longer joyful to my heart.

    One year later, I, sitting on the dilapidated swing, waited for my father.   The chemical trail of a plane caught my attention; I saw it flying in the last rays of twilight. The red clouds looked like a sea of candy floss. Suddenly, the plane appeared at the edge of sky, getting nearer and nearer. After my father’s plane landed, he walked out,...