Emails for Clarity

To: Recruiter-in-Charges
From: Louis Salvatore, Command Trainer
Subject: New Email Policy Standards

  With the change in how we handle privacy act information, there is a need to update our email policy to conform to these new standards.

  The following changes apply:

9. When sending correspondence on behalf of an applicant, only use Last name and Last four of their social security number.

10. All emails will contain the following statement:

      Any misuse or unauthorized disclosure of this information may result in both criminal    
and civil penalties. The information in this email is confidential and may be sensitive or privileged.   It is intended solely for the addressee.   Access to this email by another party is
      unauthorized.   Any disclosure, copying, distribution or action taken or omitted is prohibited.   Please "Reply" if this message was sent to you in error.   If you are not
      the intended recipient, please delete this email.

11. Emails will be signed with “Very Respectfully,” or “Respectfully,”

12. Emails will be signed with rank, full name, title, and phone number.

  As with other changes, this requires your immediate attention. These changes are necessary to protect the privacy of personnel in or associated with our organization. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at my number listed below.

Very Respectfully,
NCC Louis Salvatore
Command Trainer
(615) 555-1212

  The objective for this email to was to inform my subordinates that a change occurred with what information the can be placed into unclassified emails. Since this particular email was establishing what the changes regarding some contents required, it was just a matter of passing on information given to me. I used this example since this event just occurred in my chain of command. When sending out emails with changes, I try to address why the change occurs.   When...