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ELL Assessments
Tammy Williamson
Grand Canyon University
September 12, 2013

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Assessments are a very valuable tool in measuring a student’s learning abilities and achievements.   They are a crucial in that they are used for teachers to look back on how and what they are teaching.   Assessing a student means to prove that they are in fact learning.   Teachers use this evidence to determine whether they need to change their lesson plans or the manner in which they are instructing, and the students use this feedback to find out their weak areas so that they can concentrate more on them, which is much the same use for the parents.   The parents take the information provided by these assessments so that they can pursue their child’s strengths and help them with the weaknesses.   The data that these assessments provide is also used by the school administrators.   It shows them the improvement of not only the students but also the teachers that is needed for state and federal levels, which determine if more funding is needed to aide students with their learning and achievements.  
The majority of students born and raised in the United States can easily understand the English language.   However, there are the select few that do not speak English because it is not their dominate language that they use at home, so these students require assessments that will enable them to pick up the English language.   Getting these students to pick up the language can be an extremely hard task for teachers.   In 2001 the No Child Left Behind Act states that students should be tested in many different subject areas no matter what their level of ability to speak or understand English.   The state and school districts are held responsible for the information the students are learning and ensuring that they being taught the correct standards.   There have since been assessments set to evaluate student achievements
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