Elizabeth l is a very hard character to interpret. There are so many different representations of her it is hard to know which to believe. There are many reasons for the contrasting film portrayals about her.

In the film ‘Elizabeth’, the queen is shown to be powerful and independent. This interpretation is created by using the techniques of powerful music. The backing music really drags emotion into the film. It sounds majestic and is extremely powerful. That gives off the affect that Elizabeth is strong. Also the costumes help us interpret the film. For example after Elizabeth has ‘changed’ she steps out in a huge, jewel encrusted, rich dress. That lets us know that Elizabeth is not someone we would disobey and that however rich we are she is richer. On the other hand in ‘the Virgin Queen’ Elizabeth is shown to be emotional and rather weak. This interpretation is created by using the techniques of the camera movement and angle. For example once Elizabeth has let the man she loves free, the camera zooms in on her face. That really lets us see her facial expressions, she looks devastated. That allows us to really understand her emotions. She looks heartbroken, that gives off the impression that she is weak. The films really give off very different interpretations of Elizabeth. The film ‘Elizabeth’ portrays the Queen ad strong and secure. On the other hand the film ‘the Virgin Queen’ gives off an impression that Elizabeth could crack at any moment.

The films were produced at different times. That affects the interpretations because in 1955 when ‘the Virgin Queen’ was produced, most major events involving feminists hadn’t happened. For example in 1963 women protested for equal pay. Later that year Congress passed the Equal Pay Act. That was a large step forward for women’s rights. Movements like these affected how men saw women, they then were seen as more powerful. In ‘the Virgin Queen’ Elizabeth was portrayed as quite weak and unstable. She is portrayed as...