Elevator Speach

Jeannine: Hi Kristie, how is everything going?

Kristie: Hi Jeannine, great! I just started taking classes online with the University of Phoenix.

Jeannine: Really, I’ve always wondered how they work.

Kristie: Oh it’s great! I love being able to log on and attend classes when it’s convenient for me. You know my schedule, or lack thereof.   Now I can actually finish my degree without worrying how I can make it to classes.

Jeannine: But how do you actually “attend” classes?

Kristie: Well it works through forums and threaded discussions. I log into my class forum where there’s a place to just chat, a place where the professor can post questions or topics for our discussion, and a place for our course materials. The questions posted on the discussion boards are where we post our answers and can comment on each other’s and add to it.

Jeannine: But do you really feel like you’re part of a class? How much interaction do you really have?

Kristie: Well although it is asynchronous communication, we may not be online all at the same time, there is quite a lot of interaction between everyone and a lot of us post our numbers and email addresses so it does feel a little more personalized.

Jeannine: Wow that doesn’t sound too bad at all. How do you know where you stand? Do you get to communicate with your professor?

Kristie: Oh absolutely! The professor posts feedback on the discussion questions and on your individual assignments that you submit.

Jeannine: It’s got to be pretty easy than huh?

Kristie: Ha ha, well that was my first thought too.   It is definitely different than attending a traditional classroom setting but I wouldn’t say it’s easy. It’s just overall more convenient.   After work the last thing I want to do is sit through an hour or two lecture and then find the time to complete the work. I can do the reading throughout my day and work on my assignments when I get home, a couple hours each night.   It has really made me feel like I can do...