Electric Wheelchairs Ride on the Shifting Trend from Functionality to Individuality

When the wheelchair was first invented for King Phillip II of Spain in 1595, it was merely intended to be a mode of transportation; to help disabled individuals move from one point to another. Today, however, the role of the wheelchair has changed to keep up with the progress of society and the integration and individuality of disabled individuals. The modern electric wheelchair dates back to the 20th century and lighter wheelchairs with improved performance made their appearance over the last decade or so.

Growing Trend of Customized Electric Wheelchairs

Customized electric wheelchairs are now an interesting trend with special designs requested to suit the taste and need of the disabled individual.

Personalized and customized electric wheelchairs are now the chosen method of expressing individual image and style. The wheelchairs can be painted with special designs or colors, lighted casters, made-to-order upholstery, leather frame covers, spoke guards and spinners with unique patterns, and a whole set of options to accessorize.

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Customized electric wheelchairs are also being designed to accommodate special needs of the users. These include wheelchairs modified to attach a child seat in front, extra short or long wheelchairs for very short or tall users, specialized reinforced wheelchairs for users with minimal motor functions or control, and wheelchairs for dancers, athletes, and sportspersons.

Innovations in Electric Powered Wheelchairs Reshaping Mobility Market

Two years ago, a tongue piercing gadget to drive wheelchairs was known to be a more viable alternative to the sip-and-puff control system for users with restricted movements and those paralyzed from the neck down. Both these innovative methods reflect the ever-evolving nature of the field of assistive technology.

In the sip-and-puff control...