Eight Below

On February17, 2006 one of the most amazing Disney movies hit the theaters in the U.S. called “Eight Below”. Written by David DiGilio and directed by Frank Marshall. Eight below was Disney’s first ever movie aired on HD Universals being released January 30, 2009. One source sited.
Eight below was no average movie it was actually based upon a true story that took place in the 1958 Expedition of Japanese Scientists on there way to Antarctica. This was the last year that actual sled dogs were used in this event. During this event a Japanese scientist and his 15 sled dogs headed out to the South Pole for a research project. This didn’t turn out the way it was planned when a sudden storm begin to get closer and closer. Japanese scientists were forced to leave their 15 four footed friends to fend for themselves until they could return. Two years after the incident they returned to the very site where they found 6 of the huskies still chained up, and deceased, 7 were unaccounted for and to a great surprise two of those precious animals had survived. An earlier recorded movie by the name of “Nankyoku Monogatari” was also filmed in Japan in 1983 honoring the same incident. One Source sited.
Taking place in 1993, Paul Walker starring as Jerry Shepherd is a guide in the Antarctic research base under contract with NSF. While at the base with his crazy buddy Cooper “ Jason Biggs”, a UCLA professor, by the name of Dr. Davis MccLaren, (Bruce Greenwood) arrives at the base begging and pressuring Jerry (Paul Walker) to take him to Mount Melbourne to find a rare Meteorite from Mercury. Jerry repeatedly explains to professor that it is too late in the season to attempt such a long journey. So many issues take place traveling in January from the snowmobiles falling through the thinning ice to falling into a crevasse. The only possible route is by dog sled. Packing up there dogs, and gear traveling to Mount Melbourne. Upon there arrival Shepherd and the Professor are ordered to...