Ei & Ic

Engineering Inspection & Insurance Co. (EIIC) is a small but highly successful company that offers machinery and boiler inspection and insurance services. After years of above-average growth and profits, both are retreating toward the industry average, policy delivery times are excessive, and employee morale is low. There is increasing concern that the company's current strategy and organization are no longer working. The problem appears to be that, while the company initially was organized to provide inspection and insurance services for complex equipment, most of its premium revenue in 1991 comes from relatively simple, low-premium objects for which inspection probably is unnecessary. Reconciling the conflicting demands of these two types of businesses with the company's existing structure and value system is the essential issue. Teaching Purpose: To illustrate the basic operations strategy framework in the context of a service company, and to engage students in a discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of different methods for refocusing operations.
Boiler and pressure vessel specialists in codes, standards and certification globally.

HSB Global Standards offers a wide range of inspection services for owners and fabricators of boilers, pressure vessels, nuclear components, and process and power plants. Established in 1866, we provided engineering services to users of steam powered equipment. Today, HSB Global Standards has grown to be a worldwide leader in the interpretation and application of boiler and pressure vessel codes, standards, directives and customer specifications. With local representation and jurisdictional experience, HSB Global Standards provides inspection and certification mandated by the ASME Codes and regulators globally.

With more than 400 engineers, inspectors and auditors around the world and 140-plus years of engineering experience, HSB Global Standards is highly qualified to help you meet local and international code...