Some Facts About Modern Egypt

  Official Name: Arab Republic of Egypt (Jumhuriyah Misr al-'Arabiyah)
  Capital: Cairo
  Location: Northeast corner of Africa and the Sinai Peninsula
  Population: 82,999,393 (2009)
  Official Religion: Islam
  Religions: Sunni Islam, 89%; Christian, 11%
  Official Language: Arabic
  Monetary Unit: Egyptian pound
  National Anthem: "Bilady, Bilady, Bilady"

Egyptian burials today

Egyptians used to shroud corpses in mats or furs and put them them in pots, baskets or clay coffins. In some areas a wooden scaffold was buit around the body. A sarcophagus was also usually provided to hold the coffin in the tomb.

Today most people are buried in ordinary coffins just like here in the England. They do not build pyramids to put them in either.

Life in Egypt today

Life in Egypt is almost the same as in England. They go to school or work, have meals with their family, spend time with their friends, and go to the supermarket, much the same as we do. Most Egyptians live in apartment buildings. Only the wealthy can afford to live in free-standing houses because space is difficult to find. Men and women usually live at home with their parents until they get married. Apartments usually have one large room in the front - the living room, where the family entertains guests. Guests who are not relatives are generally not permitted back into the rest of the house. Traditionally, women would stay in the back of the house and not come into the living room if someone who was not a close friend or family visited, although this is less common now. It is, however, considered inappropriate for a woman and man who are not married or related to be alone together.
Modern Egyptian money ranges from the 25 Piastres   up to a 1,000 pound note.Eyptian currency is not the same size. The smaller the value of the note , the smaller its size. Egyptian coins duplicate the value of some of the Egyptian bills. There are 25...