Efficient Cars

In 1896, the first powered gas vehicle was invented. Now well over a hundred years later newly invented vehicles are available to purchase including more efficient vehicles running off of electric power.   However, with gas prices constantly on the rise and an economy on a down spiral, it seems that people want a more efficient vehicle to use. Many are choosing to switch to a more efficient vehicle to save money during a difficult economy. Others believe in just the opposite. They believe there is no such thing as a more efficient vehicle and in fact if there is, it does nothing to support the environment. With different parties disagreeing this has sparked a worldwide debate over one simple question, “Should cars be more efficient?” This document will break down the pros and cons of this debatable question and how each one plays a certain part in today’s environmental issues.
First to be discussed are the pros many see with vehicles becoming more efficient. Are these vehicles developed to better the environment and economy?   One way to look at this situation is that one does not need to spend an endless amount of money on galloons of gas to fill up their gas tanks. Once again the price of gas per galloon is on the rise reaching up to $4.00 per galloon in some states or even more. “Improved vehicle efficiency could reduce oil demand and decrease our dependence on foreign oil sources (Turk & Bensel, 2011).” Since a majority of the United States’ oil comes from overseas creating more efficient vehicles will lower the cost of oil the United States will need and in the end saving money and improving the environment.