Effects on Children and Young People's Development

Assignment 005 child and young person development
task B complete table

Complete the table below, showing the effects on children and young people's development of each type of influence, also recording why recognising and responding to each one is important.

Type of Influence     | Give one example of the effect on children and young people's development     | Why recognising and responding to this is important     |
Background- Parents going through divorce proceedings or separation.       | -A family brake up can be really stressful for the child and may even influence the development as the child could get very upset, could lash out at people, could go very quiet, could stop eating and could even stop talking as they may think that they had something to do with their parents/carers braking up.       | - Patience, reassurance, and listening ear can minimize tension as children learn to cope with new circumstances. By providing routines kids can rely on, you remind children they can count on you for stability, structure, and care. if you can maintain a working relationship with your ex, you can help kids avoid the stress that comes with watching parents in conflict.   We are not able to take the   sadness, pain frustration away, but it is important   to acknowledge their feelings rather than dismissing them this way we can build stronger trust by showing that you understand.       |
Health- allergies     | Some allergies make skin irritated,   constant scratching effect concentration which effects school grades       | Important because not watched my lead to serious health problems even death e.g. nut allergy     |
Environment- fresh air, natural sunlite     |   Today's "indoor kids" don't get enough sun and are becoming Vitamin D deficient, causing health risks like weaker bones, weaker sight, depression caused by lack of contact with other kids.     | Recognizing and responding is very important, we want children to breath fresh air and develop their...