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Is Megan’s Law an Effective Deterrent for Sexual Abuse?



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      Megan’s law is a law designed within the U.S to facilitate notification of communities and giving information to communities when potentially dangerous sex offenders move into any neighborhood. As such the resident of the neighborhood should by be notified of the nature of their new neighbor to ensure that protect themselves and their families against the risk of sexual assault of any kind. In the implementation of the law, the way the notification of conducted varies across states, and occasionally from one community to another within the same state.   The enactment of this law and its provisions has encouraged sates to make attempts at tracking the domicile of sex offender at state level and providing the information to the members of the public. It is upon states to decide on how they want the information disseminated.   In most cases the information provided to the public include the ex-sexual offender’s name, date of incineration, the offenders’ pictures, their address and the kind of crime they were involved in. the effectiveness of this law in achieving it required intent can be a subject of great debate marred with skepticism optimism and pessimism. The most likely question regarding this kind of legislation is whether the law is effective in deterring sexual related offenses or not. Certainly, the legislation is has be hailed in preventing pervious sexual offender from committing more offenses of the same nature. This essay is going to analyze and discus whether Megan’s Law an Effective Deterrent for Sexual Abuse.

Origin of Megan’s law

Megan’s law was legislated following the case of Megan Kanka, 7 years old girl who was killed after being raped by Jesse Timmendequas, her 33 years old neighbor. Apparently Timmendequas had be convicted twice previously for similar offences. This...