Effects of Computer-Based System in Inventory Management

VelcoWare : A Warehouse Manager
1. Problem Statement
With the impressive evolution of telecommunications in the past few years and the variety of services
telecommunications operators can actually offer to users and providers, electronic devices supporting such services
have registered exponential growth rates and the combination of such devices to support personalized solutions is
becoming difficult to manage and support.
VelcoWare is an application that has to deal with the management of a warehouse of electronic devices supporting
telecommunications services. Management of such warehouse includes inventory control, automatic ordering of goods
and a full computer support to optimize the usage of the warehouse space, based on different parameters. It should be
possible to arrange the warehouse items according to different criteria (ex. price, kind, brand, color, or others) or, more
important, according to one or a combination of different rules. For example, marketing rules: devices that are subject
to ongoing promotions or are bundled in a same promotion must occupy adjacent positions. Other rules can be
technical, for example, devices that are usually combined to support a specific technical solution are to be put together.
The application should interface the following systems:
Marketing, from which it will receive updates on marketing strategies and ongoing promotions and requests of new
products (Sales forwards these requests to Marketing) and can use such updates to reorganize the space;
Suppliers, towards which VelcoWare will issue orders when minimum edges are reached or when a predefined
number of requests are received for a specific product not dealt with before;
Sales, through which it will receive updates on solutions to customers common problems and can reorganize the
space accordingly.
As warehouses are local to stores, the system must be parameterized enough to allow the use of a combination of
different rules aiming to optimize the support given to...