Effective Communication

D1 – Social Studies

Evaluate the quality of your communication and interpersonal skills on one-to-one and group interactions.

Your evaluation will involve a more in-depth discussion of the factors that have influenced the effectiveness of your own interaction.

In my on-to-one communication, I applied the communication and the interpersonal skills correctly to my own understanding following the methods of communication on the self-assessment paper.  

However, I am going to evaluate the one-to-one and group discussions together, as their assessments/performances were same.   There were not many differences in them.

As the discussions began, I confidently took the lead, since my partner/partners, either was waiting for me to say something or did not know how to open the discussion.   I maintained a steady eye contact, since we were from same cultural background and understand that maintaining eye contact means listening with attention, above all, a level honesty or seriousness can be ascertained sometimes from looking into someone`s eyes while listening to them attentively.   To my own opinion, to maintain an eye contact during communication is very important.   Meanings are constantly lost because this is not use.

My facial expression was not too serious, but was appropriate, showing the seriousness of our discussion and how important the discussion was.   I showed interest in our discussion, because, although I started the conversation, my partner showed a great deal of understanding in the topic as well.

I maintained a good posture, holding my head high in other to hear and understand the words that were being spoken to me. Showing confidence and boldness cannot really be over-stressed, but is very effective during communication.   Lack of confidence will cause ineffectiveness in a communication cycle the effectiveness will be lost.

I maintained also a level tone of voice, because speaking loud will be seen as being angry or speaking low may be...