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I Why Others Choose To Die See

The topic alone has to be something that crosses everyone’s mind one time or another most recently my own thoughts for no particular reason.   When I was reading, his final words knowing that he was no longer alive made it harder to not become involved.   The reflections he makes while sharing his final thoughts regarding his own death sentence are impactful.   The writers’ unwillingness to die hits even harder when the reader has experienced the death of a loved one in his family first hand.   The essay did not convince me to stand for or against doctor-assisted suicide so I remain unconvinced.   I do not know what to think because the decision should not be one that has to be made, doctor-assisted suicide brings up every issue regarding life over death, and health professionals disregarding ethics to deal with the skyrocketing costs of end of life care.   If the choice were mine to make I would choose to live for as long as possible rather than having the doctor assist me with suicide.   More over the writer’s essay was more like a daily memoir there were almost no facts other than his own experience supporting what he strongly believed in life.   He gives an understanding from the essay that he is fully aware of his condition and that he has resigned to his fate by reflecting on his life and that further adding to the reader’s sense of appreciation.

The feedback that WritePoint sends back has more value with each use, but it could take some becoming accustomed.   I am never been more aware of the mistakes that I make until the system finally points them out and I acknowledge them by fixing the problem or issue.   Varieties of errors tend to be easily overlooked because the student does not know how to identify simple mechanical errors.   Assuming that the average online student has been out of school for more than a decade, with WritePoint that student can refresh his or her writing skills.   Thus a student effectively remembers more...