Effective Communication Paper

Effective Communication Paper
Evette Campbell
HCS 325
June 2nd, 2015
Timothy Bouseman
Communication encourages knowledge in a health care establishment and is essential for the growth for the establishment. Communication is not just imperative for the staff but is also imperative for the patients as well within the health care establishment who rely on staff communication to be given excellent medical care. Not having complete communication between coworkers, clinical mistakes can happen and the patients health can be jepordize. Within an organization, knowledge is shared through communication. The most operative method of sharing relevant information and knowledge is the organizational form. The organizational form is the method of communication avenues, work flow, duties and reporting relationship that bond the various plans of an establishment. A reserved organization is important to allow groups within the establishment to convey knowledge with more staff associates and operations of the establishment. Dividing an establishment into a practical structure has wonderful rewards like successful use of information between departments, and the entrusting of assignments by the expertise and education of every department. Each division of the establishment conveys information and works jointly with other departments and has the logical ability to resolve any matter that may come up. Without effective communication, an establishment can be ineffective and fail. A caregiver can face obstacles on a day to day basis, particularly if they have problems with their memories or those who may have Alzheimer’s. As a caregiver, one should make sure to always speak slowly and clearly to make sure you have their attention at all times. Using controlled volume and tone, along with proper behavior and attentive listening can eliminate obstacles. One way to convey information and suggestions is by working in teams. A team is a group of individuals with compatible skills, and an...