Effective Classroom Management

Effective Classroom Management Plan
    The key components of classroom management are planning, organizing, arranging, monitoring, and anticipating. A successful teacher manages planning activities while maintaining high levels of student involvement in those activities. A successful teacher also maintains a learning enriched environment, anticipates organizational and behavior problems, and monitors student progress.
    The effective teacher anticipates resource and material needs, physical space needs, individual and group needs, noise constraints, traffic flow problems, and affective and cognitive student reactions. By anticipating these possible problems, the effective teacher can then plan to avoid pitfalls. Successful teachers maximize their teaching time with students by monitoring individual effort and providing immediate feedback information to the students. These successful teachers appear to accept personal responsibility for their students’ achievement. Effective managers set clear expectations for behavior, and standards for student’s academic work.
    Arranging the classroom in such a way that enriches students learning is all up to the teacher. The teacher has to figure out what works best for them. In my classroom I would have the class split in half with desks on both sides of the class. I would have a large walkway so that I can do my lecturing and let my presence known in the class. In the front of the classroom I would have podium. That is where I would do all the announcements and answering of questions. Around the room I would have posters and pictures related to the subject being taught. In the back of the classroom is where the teacher’s desk would be. I like the idea of the teacher’s desk in the back because the teacher can still have eyes on the class and the students. I would also like to have an area just for students who need help. This area would be next to the teacher’s desk and the students can come back there to work with...