Effective Business Communication: the Key That Turns the Lock

ffective Business Communication: The Key That Turns the Lock

Communication is the key that turns the lock to business’s success and development.   As with finding the correct key to a lock, great communication in the workplace is ever changing, implementing various approaches and complex. Business environments are under constant change, competition and new forms. With technology assisting in customer-increased knowledge and demand for value prosperity comes with those companies with a strong communication guidelines and plans of action.   This will be supported by the examples of Internal communication, open upward communication, and positive downward communication.
Communication is an exchange of feelings, ideas, and information, whether by speaking, writing, signals, or behaviors. (Merriam-Webster) Communication is more than merely keeping employees updated to what may be going on it you organization or in the company at large. (Warren H. Anderson, 2007) Real workplace communication is far more than a few words strung together and delivered to your employees. The key to a business prosperity is communication, internal and external, without it your success will be measured with the fate of the Titanic. People in organizations typically spend over 75% of their time communicating. (The Freeman Institute, 2006)
Internal communication is the key ingredient for a successful business, with it comes its faults. Some leaders misinterpret communications to be the same as paperwork or bureaucracy and so they're averse to a high degree of communications. As leaders and managers mature, they realize the need to effective convey and receive information, and efforts at communications (internal and external). (Carter McNamara, 2009)   There are eight common causes of problems in internal communication in business; (1) If I know it then everyone must know it (2) We hate Buraucracy - we’re “lean and mean” (3) I told everyone, or some people or something (4) Did you hear what...