Effect of Mung Bean Germination Due to Detergent

The Effects of Detergent Concentration On     Mung bean Germination.


Problem: What is the effect of 7th generation detergent on mung beans.
How will the 7th generation detergent affect the mung beans.
Background research:
The detergent I used was the 7th generation only 5% on mung beans. Doing this research we used 10 mung beans but in the end only 9 grew and 1 didn’t grow.
Focus On:
1. We are choosing liquid detergents because we wanted to see the outcome on it on the mung beans.
2. The ingredients in Seventh Generation Natural Liquid Laundry Detergent are: water, corn and coconut based surfactants, glycerin, non-animal-derived enzymes, natural water softener, borax (an alkalinity builder), sodium gluconate (an agent to wash away soils), salt (viscosity control agent), natural fragrance (citrus oil) and preservatives (less than 0.05%).
3. Seventh Generation liquids are biodegradable and nontoxic. Using a combination of plant derived surfactants and enzymes; the detergents clean clothes naturally and are safe for septic tanks and gray water system. While some Palmolive has some biodegradable cleaning ingredients , phosphate free, hypoallergenic and attacks grease.
Dependent variable:
1. The scientific name for mung beans is Vigna radiate.
2. Some advantages to mung beans in this experiment is the mixed chemicals between the to.

If the amount of detergent increases then the number of Mung beans decreased.


Graduated Cylinder



Mung beans


First we filled the water then mix the amount of detergent we had to use.
Then get a container with mung beans.
Then pour the mixed detergent and water on the mung beans.
Then leave it for a few days.

Mung beans we are choosing liquid detergents to determine the outcome of it. Seventh Generation
detergent ingredients consists of water, corn and coconut based surfactant, glycerin,...