Effecrive Communication in the Health Industry

Janette Mollineau

HCA 230

                                                Instructor Louise Murray MSOM

Sunday November 10, 2013

Effective Communication in Health Industry

      Effective communication is an important tool used by health care providers to enhance population health quality of health care and therapeutic outcome. This is because health outcome and client behavior are highly influenced and shaped by communication that is used to facilitate the interaction between health care provider and the patient. Effective communication is paramount importance to both the client and care provider. It can be defined as the exchange of information that is understood by all communicating parties (Shanmugan, 2013). In the presence of a good communication, health care professionals source reliable information that assists them to understand the client situation and use the information to make therapeutic decisions. Clients, on the other hand, rely on an effective communication to establish a relationship with health care providers, which enhances health care outcomes. An effective communication is the basic foundation of the relationship between client and health care provider, which in turn determines the quality of health care services and treatment outcome.

      Health care providers are required to maintain a professional relationship with their clients. From the theory of interpersonal relations, healthcare should establish a working relationship with their clients at all levels of experience in order to identify the clients’ felt difficulties and gain their trust (Current Nursing, 2012). The phases of client-provider relationships, as defined in the interpersonal relations theory, the health care providers are able to address the concerns of their clients to satisfactory levels. The health care professional uses interpersonal skills at orientation phase to help the client identify their problems and respond to those problems...