Edward Scissorhands Critical Study

Various film techniques contribute greatly to establish an ominous atmosphere. These methods are made use of in the scene where Peg Boggs, an Avon representative, first encounters the protagonist, Edward Scissorhands. Leading up to this scene, Peg wanders around her neighbourhood in the hopes of selling her Avon products. She then notices a dark and mysterious house that, in a way, resembles a castle. In an attempt to sell her goods to the owner of this house she suddenly stumbles upon Edward. From thereon, several film techniques are used such as lighting. Edward is hidden in a dim corner with his silhouette the only thing perceptible. Once Peg asks him to reveal himself, Edward begins approaching her. Even as he progresses towards her, his facial features are still unknown by a coat of darkness. Not only is this a crucial gothic element, it contributes greatly to an uneasy feeling as Peg is vulnerable to a figure whose features are completely indistinct.
Furthermore, a daunting type of music intensifies as Edward advances towards Peg. Alongside this, Edward’s figure enlarges the closer he gets to her. The transitioning of his size contributes very well to an unnerving atmosphere as Peg will finally behold this being she so feared. Not only does this camera shot technique play its effect on Peg but also to the audience. We will, too, witness this creature of whom possesses the very traits of a human, being movement and the ability of speech. However, will a section of his body be deformed? Will this being align with our idea of a monster? The purpose of this menacing tune and deliberateness of shunning of Edward’s appearance influences Peg and the audience to believe that there is something terribly wrong; an abnormality, perhaps, that will startle Peg.
This scene fits in the plot as it conveys one of its main themes being society’s fear of the unknown. Thus, in summary, the use of several film techniques such as lighting, camera shot and music can...