Edward Gein: an American Icon of Horror

Edward Gein:
An American Icon of Horror

July 26, 1984: Edward Theodore Gein, a deranged necrophiliac serial killer responsible for several grave robings and the grisly murders and mutilations of two women dies of cancer after spending sixteen years in a mental facility (History). The heinous crimes committed by Gein served were so grotesque and bizarre that they served as an inspiration to many of todays most popular horror films and have had a lasting impact on popular culture as a whole (Wikipedia; An American Psycho).
Ed Gein was born in LaCrosse, Wisconsin, on July 27, 1906. His father was an alcoholic who had reportedly beat and abused Ed and his brother (Wikipedia). His mother, Augusta Gein, suffered from religious mania and had constantly preached to her sons about the immorality of the world and raised them to believe that nearly all women were evil prostitutes (Wikipedia; Hist). His mother moved to a secluded farm in the outskirts of Plainfield, WI in hopes of keeping her children secluded from the evils of the outside world; Ed left only to go to school (Wikipedia). In school, Ed was bullied frequently and was extremely unsocial (Wikipedia). Some of his teachers and fellow class-mates recalled "seemingly random laughter, as if he were laughing at his own personal jokes." but he made good grades in school overall, especially in reading (Wikipedia). In 1940 Ed's father died of a heart attack, because of this Ed and his brother Henry did odd jobs frequently to make up for the lack of income (Wikipedia). After a while, Henry began to worry about his brother's relationship with their mother (Wikipedia). Henry had views different from that of his mother on the nature of the world. He would often say bad things about her behind her back to Ed (Wikipedia, Hist). On may 16, 1944, the Gein brothers went out to extinguish a nearby brush fire. As darkness fell the Gein brothers were reportedly separated in their attempts to extinguish it (Wikipedia). After...