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In 2012 there are still rivers of social issues that plague adolescents from teen pregnancies to gang culture violence in the inner cities. One teacher asserts that, this is one of the most fascinating cities to live in.” However, I have noticed that the streets are full of violence, and home invasions are a common place.   Although, conflict resolution intervention efforts might appear to be only the tip of the iceberg for addressing some of the major causes for adolescent pregnancies and gang violence, this is certainly a start in the right direction. As the young mothers’ are not the only victims that are affected by this dilemma, but their offspring also suffers adverse ramification for their teenage parents' mistakes. Penult in a special report study of youth pregnancies states that,   “ Pregnancies among girls age 15 to 19 have hit two peak highs in the past 35 years (2012)”.Therefore, there is an inherited need for collaborative efforts’ for reducing teenager’s pregnancies
Another reason we have so many youth pregnancies among teens who participate in gang activities are because there are rapes and other violence between these gang cultures and other individuals, and they exhibit little concerns for their actions. Minnis asserts that urban communities nationally, street gangs contribute to influence behavior that creates a hostile environment in which sexual partnerships are formed (5) (2007-2008). Adolescents' gang involvement has been associated with increased violence, substance use, and risky sexual behaviors, as an aftereffect, there is an epidemic of babies having babies. As a result, the rising figures of teen pregnancy must come to a halt.
Then and there, this can be accomplished with community interventions and mentoring models among our elder members of these troubled intercity communities then it will continue to be “… the most fascinating cities to live in” for the youth of tomorrow.
For instance, I have learned the importance of...