Universal Design for Learning Plan



Universal Design for Learning Plan

The UDLP for English teaching shall incorporate standards issued by the board of education along with Department of Education. Main components of the plan are listed as follows:

Common Core State Standards:

The standards are meant to assure that common set of education policies and ways of teaching are used in order to teach students of different levels. For teaching Math and English, it is imperative that students should be provided guidance as per their level of knowledge. These standards are designed to ensure that students graduating from high school are prepared to enter credit bearing entry courses in two or four year college programs or enter the workforce.

Objectives assigned with CCSS:

The subject to be taught shall be English and Math. It will be taught in different educational institutes across the nation. For standards in the individual classes, it is imperative that the teacher follows set of standards issued by the department to maintain overall effectiveness in teaching and having a well defined method of teaching.

Assistive technology device:

Assistive technology devices could include Audio-Video aids. These days, SMART methods of teaching have also become very popular. Besides this, PPT presentations could be added to make the overall process more interactive.

Teacher Assessment:

From the overall assessment of the standards and directives sent by the department, it was learnt that UDL helps not only in development of the standard of teachers in the nation but also provides a set standard of teaching to make learning easier for the students. Some educational initiatives, such as Universal Design for Instruction (UDI) and Universal Instructional Design (UID), adapt the Mace principles for products and environments to learning environments, primarily at the postsecondary level. Such methods...