Giving Students More F's is not the Solution to Education's Problems

              The article titled “What Our Education System Needs is More F’s” written by Carl Singleton explains how giving more F’s to students would increase the quality of American education.   Singleton has the opinion that teachers pass students who should have failed, and he tries to persuade readers that failing more students would give students motivation to learn the required material more successfully. On the other hand, teachers failing more students could have a negative effect on the students and American education.   If teachers give students more F’s, the F’s would decrease the student’s motivation, and American education would not benefit.
            “What Our Education System Needs is More F’s” written by Carl Singleton describes how American education could benefit from failing more students.   Singleton feels teachers pass undeserving students who have not learned the needed material or earned the passing grade.   The article explains that if teachers give out more F’s, student’s motivation would increase to learn the material and schools would raise their education standards.   Singleton believes that if teachers fail the undeserving students, the students’ parents would become more concerned and involved in their education.   Students receiving more F’s would cause education to receive more funding and cause teachers and school administrators to make changes to improve education according to the article.   Also, Singleton states that a failing student reflects how well the teacher taught the material.   Overall, Singleton explains in the article how solving the problems of American education would involve failing more students.
            The article’s structure contains positive and negative aspects.   The title of the article “What Our Education System Needs is More F’s” sparks interest and effectively portrays the topic of the article.   Also, another positive part of the...