Pre-K – Grade 6
9-14 Students
1 Head Teacher, 1 Assistant and 1 Intern

School Building:

Sited at the end of the campus, the Afterschool Program (“the Program”) is in a historical looking building.   There are three floors; the Program is on the first floor.   College classes are also held in the building during the Program’s hours of operation.   Absent was a playground and outdoor equipment.   However, there is a track where children can engage in recreation.   The classroom is spacious enough for the number of children attending.   When weather hinders outdoor recreation, there is an adequate amount of space for running, jumping and throwing small balls indoors.   Bathrooms are not inside the classroom, and the children share these facilities with the college students.   These visits are supervised by the Program’s staff.  


This is a regular classroom.   There are approximately six centers: math, science, social studies, computer, art, library and a game room, and they all have a supply of educational tools designed to assist in cognitive, self-esteem and emotional development; social play and dramatic play skills; and writing, reading and art skills, which will eventually strengthen large and small motor skills.   There are round and long navy blue tables placed strategically throughout the classroom; the library center has a light blue cushion chair.   Seating arrangements only seem to apply to those students using the three computers that are setup on individual stations.   The students have the option to use headphones while they visit particular educational websites (Nick Jr., and and the sessions are monitored.  

Bold colorful rugs with geometric shapes and numbers on them are placed throughout the classroom.   Posters decorated with glitter and photographs of students with their parents participating in various events (a pajama party, cultural dinners, a fall festival, baking an apple pie and making pizza)...