Education Is the Key to Success

Teacher and fellow students, my topic is education is the key to success.
Education is defined as the teaching or training of people especially in schools to improve their knowledge and develop their skills. (Oxford World Power Dictionary). You may ask, why go to school? Some may answer to get knowledge, acquire to life, learn more about our world, but I tell you, you go to school so you can be successful. Education is your vehicle to success. Success is a vehicle which moves on a wheel called HARD WORK but the journey is impossible without the fuel called HARDWORK.
Dr. Ben Carson in his THINK BIG Book (Think Big Acrostic as follows)
T- Talent


Talks about a revolution in his life due to his success at school after being at the bottom of the class. His tough mother, Sonya pressured him and his brother Curtis to study hard by reading at least three books a week which led them to improved performance at school. She knew that getting a good education was the only way forward for her two boys.
Dr. Ben Carson is a key of motivation to students around the world. He became the youngest and the first black American to head the neurosurgery division at John Hopskins Hospital in the United States. Education can break through any barriers whether it be race, sex, language or any hierarchy.
In our Tongan society, parents push their children to go to school and to do well. They see education as their forward for a better future. They are not wrong in executing their duties as parents. It has been proven that a good education can earn you a good job and thus elevates your status in society, if not just an improved standard of living. It is applicable and a handy tool in all aspects of life.
Education can take you far in life and last for a lifetime. You can keep on educating yourself to your last breath. It can be your pension in old age. Socrates states that “The...