Education Essay

Changes for Our Future
Throughout my education, I have always recognized flaws in how some things are taught and how certain ideas are implemented to student’s learning. However, nothing is perfect and that is acceptable because there is always room for change and improvement. A flaw that stands out to me is how education today is “dumbed down” and simplistic. I believe students are not being taught to their full potential and deserve more in their academic career. Furthermore, the education system is obsolete and lacks the use of upgraded technology that exists today. It’s the age of technology and I feel that schools are not taking advantage of it. This leads me to believe that change is needed in our education system to better prepare students, the future of our country.
English has always been one of my favorite subject throughout my academic life. However, I have always noticed that teachers sometimes ignore the main ideas of literature. I almost felt like our literature was being taught at a lower level. When I was in 9th grade, in English class, we spent the whole period on discussing how the author was racist. I felt that we were simply just criticizing the author and not paying attention to the novel’s actual meanings. Reporter, essayist, and critic Francine Prose writes in a Harper’s article “No one’s suggesting that every existing syllabus should be shredded; many books on the current lists are great works of art. Why not point out how convincingly he captured the workings of Huck’s mind, the inner voice of a kid trying desperately to sew a crazy quilt of self together from the ragged scraps around him?” In making this comment, Prose urges us to capture the true ideas of novels. This piece helps further support why we need to change how we are getting taught literature. In the long run, this change will make students appreciate literature more and help incorporate it better to their education.
Literature isn’t the only subject being “dumbed down”,...