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Teaching and learning are two different things from each other, but both of them moves in parallel to each other. Without the completion or inclusion of one, it is almost next to impossible to move on the other. The basic mantra of this particular assignment is to examine the importance of practical implication for the consideration of the analysis. Before going in the details, it is essential to mention that the entire level of teaching and learning will be associated with Salon Management that includes but not limited to Hair Cutting and Trimming.
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Assessment is an important activity that used to assess the level of knowledge and understandability factor of a person in particular (Black, 2003). Assessment in the learning process is highly regarded and important, as it is the only thing through which one can be educated. The main reason behind the assessment is to find out the level of learning that has been taken place at a given period of time. It usually analyzes the level of teaching that has been considered for the same assessment (Harlen, 2007). There are different types of assessment are there namely Initial Assessment, Formative Assessment and Summative Assessment. Likewise other learners, similar assessment types will be associated with learning of Salon Management. Initial Assessment will give a strong idea to the mentor regarding the basic capability of the student, like is student have some basic knowledge about hair, its types and E.T.C. If the answer of all of these things is in positive, then one can move towards the second assessment step which is Formative Type. Formative Assessment is basically a short term test, in which the students are required to implement the things which they have learned shortly. In Salon Management, it is known as an Integrative Stage, in which the students will integrate their knowledge accordingly for...