Education and Training L3

A summary of the key aspects of legislation relevant to me include:
  Copyright Designs and Patents Act (1988) relates to the copying, adapting and distributing of materials, which includes computer programs and materials found via the internet. My organisation has a licence to enable the photocopying of small amounts from books or journals, however, all copies should have the source acknowledged. 

  Data Protection Act (1998) made provision for the regulation of the processing of information relating to individuals, including the obtaining, holding, use or disclosure of such information. It was amended in 2003 to include electronic data. 

  Freedom of Information Act (2000) gives learners the opportunity to request to see the information public bodies hold about them. As I am teaching customer service in a local authority this will apply. 

  Health and Safety at Work etc Act (1974) imposes obligations on all staff within an organisation commensurate with their role and responsibility. Risk assessments should be carried out where necessary. 

  Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act (2006) introduced a vetting and barring scheme to make decisions about who should be barred from working with children and vulnerable adults. I may need to have a criminal record check with the Disclosure and Barring Service. 

  Food Hygiene Regulations (2006) as some of my learners work in the staff canteen. Codes of practice relate to an organisation or a professional body. Those which relate to me 

  Acceptable use of information technology to ensure I am not misusing it. 

  Code of conduct to ensure I act professionally at all times. 

  Timekeeping and dress requirements to set a good example to learners.