Edu 657 Week 3 Higher Education 1880 - 1920

EDU 657 Week 3 Higher Education 1880 - 1920

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For this assignment you will explore several topics about the Age of University Building and the “Golden Age” of colleges. Using the free website Timeglider ( or Microsoft Word (, create a timeline of five or more significant events and/or topics that you find interesting and that influenced higher education from 1880 - 1920. Feel free to be creative with this assignment. You may include pictures, diagrams and words. In addition please provide a brief summary for each of your significant event and topics. Chapters Four and Five provide several different topics and events to choose from. For example, one significant event could include the Quest for the Great American University. It was an event when 14 university presidents from institutions such as Harvard, Cornell, and Johns Hopkins met to form the Association of American Universities. Another significant event during this time frame was philanthropy on a large scale. This was significant because it was the first time universities had a permanent financial base. A few topics you may want to explore are:
§ Intercollegiate Sports
§ Women’s Colleges
§ Women and Coeducation
§ The “Collegiate Ideal” and Black Colleges
§ World War I and the Colleges
Provide access to your instructor by uploading all the necessary files and providing all necessary links.
Additionally, be sure to cite your sources as necessary, and include a separate reference page in APA format as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.

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