Edu 639 Week 4 Cultural Immersion and Socio Historical Research and Presentation

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 Identify a culture you might encounter as a teacher which you have very little knowledge about and would like to further explore (you may select the same cultural group you chose for the Cultural Immersion Activity in Weeks One, Two, and Three). In a 10-15 slide PowerPoint presentation, you will address the following:
a. You will need to design and carry out one experiential activity as part of your report. You may use “A Study of Cambodia and the Cambodian-American Experience” from your text for inspiration, but your research will not need to be nearly as in-depth (unless you decide to continue your research, as the teachers did here, beyond this class). This section of your PowerPoint presentation must include the following information:
§ An explanation of your experiential activity including:
§ What you did
§ Some of the preconceived notions you had going into the activity
§ What you learned
§ Forms of intercultural communication you might need to use with members of this group
§ Some ways you hope to continue learning about this group beyond the course
Examples of cultural immersion activities include, but are not limited to:
a. Visit a Middle-Eastern, Asian, Indian or Mexican Market and prepare a meal using the ingredients you find
b. Watch and critique a Bollywood film, viewing it (as much as is possible) from a non-western perspective
c. Change your news source to a Middle Eastern network like Al Jazeera for a week
d. Visit a cultural center, interfaith dialogue or spend an afternoon with someone of another culture/religion/ethnicity to learn more about that world view
b. Familiarize yourself with and listen to the latest Latino, Hip Hop pop-music from the culture you are studying
c. Attend a Pow Wow or dance performance from members of that cultural group
d. Attend a...