Edu 626 Week 6 Final Paper

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Research Proposal Instructions
You will be creating a research proposal. This assignment will emulate the format of the example research proposal presented in the course textbook, Introduction to Educational Research. The Final Paper must be organized as follows:
a. Title page (formatted per APA guidelines as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center)
b. Abstract (a brief summary of your paper)
c. Introduction (clearly describe the purpose of your study and research questions/hypotheses)
d. Review of related literature (background)
§ This will be a written summary of the literature that you have found on your topic and how it is related to your research proposal. You may present differing views of the same information or complementary research that supports each finding. Research should be recent (no older than 5-8 years) unless it is a hallmark study in the field or more recent research is not available. You must provide references for your research formatted per APA style guidelines. Your textbook, as well as the Ashford Writing Center, provide guidance for writing a literature review.
e. Methodology (methods)
§ This is your proposal for your research methodology. What will you study, who will you study, how will you conduct your study, etc? Be sure to include all the information you used in your assignment for Week Three.
f. Conclusions and recommendations
§ This section will be a summary of what you expect to find from your research and how these findings might be used to inform your teaching or others in the future. Consider this as a recommendation to your principal, school board, or others that might be influenced by the findings of your study. You may also use this section to include recommendations for future studies, perhaps on a larger scale or with a different sample population.
g. Reference page
§ Formatted per APA style...