Edu 372 Week 5 Final Paper

EDU 372 Week 5 Final Paper
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For this Research Project, students will identify a topic, find at least five articles from scholarly sources on that topic, prepare an annotated bibliography including these articles and information about them, and summarize the research and the implications relevant to the chosen topic. Students will:
1.Self-select an educational psychology topic of interest.
2.State the reasons for their choice of topic.
3.Research this topic.
4.Answer specific questions about this topic.
5.Provide applications of this research to academic, professional, and personal work.
For example, a student interested in behavioral modification for children having Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (A.D.H.D.) may conduct research and find and summarize results that a developing teacher could use to enhance the learning of children in a classroom situation. Or, alternatively, a social worker may determine that this new learning may be helpful in the development of intervention strategies for some of their potential clients.
To complete the Research Project:

1. Select a topic of interest relevant to the field of educational psychology.
a. The topic selected for research should have a limited scope or defined specific area.
2. Write a brief introduction to this topic.
a. Explain the topic and why it was chosen.
3. Research the topic using scholarly journals.
a. Find least five articles, reports, or other resources relevant to your research topic. These resources must come from scholarly/professional journals or publications about educational psychology or education.
4. For each article, address the following:
a.Create a bibliographic citation in APA format for each article
b.Summarize the article,...