Editorial of America


We invade a country, bomb the living day light out of them, push them around, people living in the nation start shooting back at us and we call them ‘Terrorist’. Hears a simple question; about 200 years ago were we not ‘Terrorist’ to the British. We already start to forget our history or maybe some rules don’t apply to us.

      Apparently that’s why about 80 percent of the worlds’ nations can’t stand Americans because we say one thing and when it comes to us the same thing has a different meaning. People are going to argue that our military going into Iraq was all there fault. Yeah I get it, so does the rest of the world; we were attacked and we retaliated but, it seems that the American people are constantly blinded by hatred. Let’s go back to 1st August 1990; Iraq invades Kuwait because of oil. As usual who do they call for help; yurp you got it ‘The U.S of A.’ Ok nothing wrong except that we kicked Saddam Hussein out, stayed and started taking the oil for ourselves. We already weren’t like in the Middle East why go in the first place. Then there was the 1993 World Trade Centre bombing but, lets fast forward by approximately seven years. One of the most tumultuous days in American history 9/11, one day when you could have truly said that the entire world felt our pain. Here comes the bad part the then President of the United States George W. Bush goes on national television and said ‘... we the American people are going to wage a Crusade against those who have harmed us…’ Hold up one minute, did he just say ‘Crusade.’   Back in the time machine; about 500 years ago Christians embarked on a ‘Crusade’ against the Muslim people to take back the holy city of Jerusalem. Countless Muslims were killed over the ‘7 Crusades’ and now ‘buddy boy’ (George W. Bush) wants to wage another, as he said ‘Crusade’, when the reason for 9/11 was Americans occupying the lands of Islam’s most holiest places, maybe that wasn’t a good idea. Those are not just my opinion...